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Youngsters ready to ditch sex for gaming

Melbourne, July 2 (ANI): Today’s gaming generation prefers sitting in front of a computer or games console rather than having some action between the sheets, revealed a survey.

The survey revealed that at least 75 per cent of the participants of legal age were happy to ditch the opportunity to have sex in order to live out their fantasies online.

The survey by online gaming community was launched to celebrate its second birthday, and questioned 1200 members on what kind of an impact gaming had on their social lives.

According to Colin Cardwell, CEO of Australian developer 3rd Sense which owns Fizzy, the survey revealed “some surprising findings to say the least”.

Almost 43 percent of Fizzy users are under the age of 17, and the question regarding sex was dropped for those respondents once they qualified their age.

While nearly half of Fizzy’s male under-16 users still ticked the “high-score” box, 51 percent of the girls were simply not ready for the dating game, and instead preferred to cosy up with their keyboards.

“There’s clearly a demographic shift occurring when it comes to online behaviour. Many people are spending more time online discovering they are passionate about play and really enjoying themselves,” quoted Cardwell as saying. (ANI)

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