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World’s costliest suit to go on sale in London for £70k!

London, April 22 (ANI): The world’s most expensive suit is set to go on sale in London for 70,000 pounds.
Designer Alexander Amosu will show off the suit at a party in a secret location.

Special security has been organised with transportation of the suit to the venue provided by an armoured Range Rover.

It has taken more than 80 hours and 5,000 individual stitches to make it – equivalent to 14 pounds per stitch.

The suit is a one-off creation made from the finest fabrics in the world.

The materials used to make the suit include vicuña, a rare wild South American animal related to the camel, which only produces enough wool for shearing every three years.

Another is qiviuk, the world’s most expensive wool, gathered from the Arctic muskox.

When blended with pashmina from the high mountain plateaus of the Himalayas they create Vanquish II, one of the world’s most luxurious cloths.

The addition of nine 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons completes the suit.

Amosu said that the recession had not completely stopped the demand for designer fashion.

“Buying an Alexander Amosu suit is the ultimate in luxury. We create the finest bespoke suits using fabrics which emphasise character, style and individuality,” the Telegraph quoted Amosu as saying.

“I firmly believe that in the wake of the recession, there is still a demand for uncompromising quality.

“We might not be catering to everyone, but the people who buy Alexander Amosu want to wear the very best suits in the world,” he added. (ANI)

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