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Women going blonde to boost confidence amid recession woes!

Melbourne, July 2 (ANI): In an interesting development, women are colouring their hair blonde in a bid to boost their confidence levels to beat recession woes, suggests a new survey.

According to the UK poll of 1200 women, sales of blonde products have skyrocketed to a staggering 67 per cent since the credit crunch hit the world.

Brisbane hairdresser and fashion industry stylist Oscar Cullinan said that Australian women were hoping to procure or keep jobs while believing in the popular images of blondes, exemplified by stars from Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton, as being sexy, extroverted, and spontaneous.

“Going blonde is a guaranteed way for a woman to feel like a million dollars even during a credit crisis. We are definitely noticing an increase in the demand for blonde in all of our salons,” quoted the owner of the Oscars Hair Studios chain as saying.

2008 Australian Hairdresser of the Year Jayne Wild of Wild Life Hair also said: “It’s a regular thing that they can do to feel good about themselves. Women are coming in getting their hair cut short or completely changing their hair colour. They’re still concentrating on their hair.”

Sydneysider Nicole Bowen, 18, appeared to have upheld the belief, saying her going blonde might have lent a helping hand in landing her the job of a receptionist.

She said: “I think (going blonde) makes people seem less threatening and a lot more comfortable to approach. You always hear that blondes are friendlier. I feel confident with all colours of hair but for some reason I always feel that when I’m blonde I get an extra boost than just the dull feeling being brunette gives me.” (ANI)

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