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White Sox call on `First Fan’ Obama

Washington, Apr.21 (ANI): President Obama greeted each member of the White Sox team during their tour of the White House on Monday.

Octavio Dotel, a relief pitcher from the Dominican Republic, asked for — and received — a hug instead of a handshake from Obama.

”This is a guy I’ve been following. It’s exciting to see him. He’s such a powerful man. I never met him before, and it’s really neat to be around him.Just to be close to him and have that chance … I saw the opportunity to ask for a hug. He said, ‘Of course.’ That was really nice of him. He knows a lot about us. He noticed that we’ve been playing well lately. He’s a big fan. I can tell he really enjoyed [the visit],” the Chicago Sun Times quoted Dotel, as saying.

About 30 White Sox players, staff, front-office personnel and family members visited the White House, a day before beginning a series in Baltimore tonight.

”We got to see everything. All we needed to see is where he lives. I’m telling you, it was great,” Dotel said.

Dotel had been to the White House as a member of the Houston Astros when George W. Bush was in office, but the team didn’t get to meet Bush — let alone hug him.

The Sox presented Obama with a black jersey with his name and No. 1 on the back, as well as autographed baseballs, T-shirts and caps. He took several photos with the group and told the Sox to keep winning so he can invite them back as World Series champions. (ANI)

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