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War against militants to continue till it reaches logical conclusion: Pak PM

Islamabad, May 25 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani on Monday urged the world community especially the United States to do more by assisting in his government’s endeavors for effective implementation of its 3-R strategy for the displaced persons.

Talking to US Senators Patrick Leahy, Mark Warner and Sheldon Whitehouse at PM House, the Prime Minister said though Pakistan was fighting its own war against terrorism, the world would be the ultimate beneficiary of its success.

Dispelling insinuations against Pakistan’s sincerity towards fighting war on terror, he said the whole nation and all institutions of Pakistan were united in undertaking the military operation against terrorists, The News reported.

On the government’s 3-R strategy (Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction), the Prime Minister said that the objective was to win the hearts and minds of displaced people by ensuring provision of timely relief and safe return to their homes with honour and dignity.

He said after restoration of peace in the region, the second and third phases i.e. rehabilitation and reconstruction would be initiated on war-footing.

The Prime Minister appreciated the US government for its pledged assistance regarding capacity-building and displaced people, called for its expeditious disbursement.

Commenting on the Swat peace deal, Gilani said it was endorsed by the parliament and had the support of whole of the nation.

Gilani said the promulgation of Nizam-e-Adl regulation in Swat was part of the efforts of the government to promote national reconciliation and its 3-D strategy to combat terrorism and extremism but the agreement was violated by the other side and the government had to resort to army operation to establish its writ.

The war will continue until it is taken to its logical conclusion, the Prime Minister added.

The US Senators agreed with Gilani that the US has to play its role in resolution of this long festering dispute to enable Pakistan to focus its attention on combating terrorism.

Emphasizing the importance of Pakistan’s political and economic stability, the Senators stated that the US Government would continue extending all possible assistance to Pakistan for achieving its objectives. (ANI)

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