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Wanted: a doctor to counsel Britain’s stressed, tired spies

London, May 3 (ANI): Britain’s secret service, Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is looking for an occupational health adviser to counsel spies, who are feeling worse for wear after taking on enemies such as Al-Qaeda and Chinese cyber-spies.

MI6 is advertising for the 40,000-pound job on the Secret Intelligent Service (SIS) website, which reads: “Here at SIS (or MI6 as you may know us), we operate across the globe. The variety of challenges extends to every corner of our organisation and occupational health is no exception.

“We are looking for a qualified occupational health adviser to cover an interesting mix of work, from specialised health surveillance and pre-travel briefings and clearances to sickness absence management.”

The new recruit will be given guidance on foreign travel – which might include checking for enemy tarantulas before settling down to sleep, reports The Times.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “The SIS may be involved in some unique situations but they have a duty to protect their staff.”

An intelligence source said: “This is a very stressful job, especially as one cannot confide in your family. Many people turn to alcohol or even recreational drugs to cope.”

The post is based at the SIS’s Vauxhall Cross offices. (ANI)

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