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Virginity auctioning girl’s deal called off

New York, June 1 (ANI):  Virginity auction girl Natalie Dylan will not be giving up her virtue anytime soon because the Aussie lad who bought the 22-year-old’s virginity for 3.8 million dollars has backed off.

Dylan, from California, admitted that the deal had fallen through.

She received a phone call from the Romeo, a 38-year-old Australian real-estate businessman last week, who said he had to back out.

“I told him to go back into marriage therapy,” the New York Post quoted Dylan as saying. 

He also wants his 250,000 dollars deposit back.

However, Dylan says that she has no hard feelings, and is assured that the money would be returned.

Now Dylan, who launched the online campaign last fall through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch — a legal brothel in Carson City, Nev., owned by Dennis Hof — is back on the auction block. (ANI)

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