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US would respect Pak’s ‘red lines’ in war against terror: Holbrooke

Islamabad, Jun.6 (ANI): Rejecting the notion that the United States might send its troops into Pakistan to fight the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda,  US Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Hoolbrooke said Washington has no intention of promoting  a military surge in Pakistan, and would respect the ‘red lines’ marked by Islamabad in the ‘war against terror’.

Addressing a press conference here at the end of his three day visit to Pakistan, Holbrooke said American forces would not enter Pakistan and would respect its sovereignty and integrity.

“Pakistani security forces were responsible of taking action against terrorists on their soil,” he said.

Pakistan forces would be made aware of the operation being carried out by the US Air Force in Afghanistan along the Pakistan border so that they could take preventive measures to ensure that there are no spill overs of the terrorists, he added.

Referring to the Swat military offensive, Holbrooke said there is a marked change in the public’s attitude toward militancy.

Islamabad is more committed to rooting out terrorism from its soil than ever, and there is  greater consensus on the issue of extremism in the country, The News quoted him, as saying.

The United States is aware of the situation in the Swat Valley and is concerned over the exodus of over three million people from the region.

“The United States is committed to supporting democracy, stability and economic prosperity of Pakistan,” he added. (ANI)

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