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U.S. woman fine with boyfriend having sex with other women

London, May 13 (ANI): An American woman has revealed that she has no issues at all with her boyfriend sleeping with other women, especially since he is helping them out in his duties as a sex surrogate.

Marie, 33, finds her boyfriend “amazing” for helping women get over their sexual problems, even when he takes a “hands on” approach to his therapy and ends up having intercourse with 50 per cent of his clients.

The two, from Los Angeles, revealed that clients suffering from serious issues like phobias, the inability to reach orgasm, and particularly former rape victims, have been helped by him.

“These women are his clients and what he does with them is totally separate from our relationship,” the Sun quoted Marie as saying.

“I realise that he is absolutely amazing at what he does. Being a surrogate is not an easy job and I have a lot of respect for him and his profession.

“He really helps these women so they can go on to have stable and loving relationships for the first time,” she said.

Marie’s lover says that he starts by talking to the women and building up trust over weeks or months before full intercourse.

“Some women come to me because they have never had an orgasm, some because they want to lose their virginity, some have been abused and find it difficult to trust a man or enjoy being touched at all,” he said.

“We take things very slowly at their own pace and if they want to have intercourse at some stage then that is what we do,” he added.

Marie’s boyfriend gets paid between 50 pounds to 100 pounds an hour, and can earn around 50,000 pounds a year as a surrogate. (ANI)

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