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US raconteur predicts 9/11 like event will rock Obama administration

Washington, May 26 (ANI): American author, television star and raconteur Stephen Fry has predicted that President Barack Obama will be rocked by a major event as big as the 9/11 terrorist atrocity during his period in power.

Fry, 51, was holding court in an hour-long session on the theme of America at the Hay Festival of Literature, in Mid Wales.

He warned that, despite worldwide jubilation at Obama’s election, it would all end in failure.

“All politics ends in failure. I have met many retired politicians and they are all unhappy and bitter,” Fox News quoted Fry, as saying.

Of Obama, Fry predicted: “If he has two terms I do not think the second term will end on an up. He has got a lot of credit, but he will go through it in the end. Nobody can know what will happen in the future. Who could have foreseen 9/11? Something will happen like that. Something that you cannot imagine.” (ANI)

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