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US-Pak trust deficit hampering financial aid to achieve desired results: Senators

Washington, May 5 (ANI):  While the United States is on the heels of announcing a tripled non-military aid of about 1.5 billion dollars for Pakistan, officials in the Obama Administration believes that the trust deficit between both the countries is obstructing the desired results that America wants through these financial assistance.

The Kerry-Lugar Bill, which has the provision for a tripled US non-military aid to Pakistan, also states that the lack of trust between Washington and Islamabad is not letting the huge financial assistance to achieve desired results.

Senior Senators on the panel of the bill, John Kerry and Richard Lugar, in a summary of the bill, have stated that:   “The status quo is not working: the United States believes it is paying too much and getting too little, and most Pakistanis believe exactly the opposite.”

The bill, which was introduced before the Congress for its approval recently, also states that while Washington is sincere about its relationship with Islamabad and wants to pull the country out of the crisis, people in Pakistan are skeptical about the efforts.

“Today, most Pakistanis believe the United States will cut and run when it serves our purpose, a belief which undermines our long-term efforts to defeat extremists, foster democratic change, and support transparent and accountable institutions that promote security and stability in Pakistan,” The Nation quoted the bill, as saying. (ANI)

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