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US not going to appoint special Kashmir envoy: Blake

Washington, July 17 (ANI): The United States has once again clarified that it would not appoint any special envoy to address the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, and that the conflict should be resolved by the two neighbouring countries itself.

Addressing South Asian journalists at a briefing here, US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs, Robert Blake said Washington, as part of its long-term strategy, does not support the idea  of appointing an envoy to Kashmir.

“I can assure you we are not going to appoint a special Kashmir envoy. This is longstanding US policy that this is an issue that needs to be worked (out) between India and Pakistan,” Blake said.

Blake’s comments came a day before a significant visit of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to India.

Clinton would be arriving in Mumbai today (Friday).

Blake’s comments clearly suggest that while Washington considers Islamabad as one of its important allies, Pakistan should resolve all the issues with India directly and should not seek US’ indulgence in those issues.
Blake also said that during Clinton’s five-day visit, both the countries may sign at least two agreements worth 20 billion dollars in the field peaceful usage of nuclear means and defence technology.

One of the two agreements expected to be announced during -Clinton’s visit would be an ‘end-use monitoring’ accord under which the United States would have the right to make sure American arms sold to India are used for their intended purpose and that the technology does not leak to third countries.

“We hope to be able to sign that,” The Dawn quoted Blake, as saying.

Earlier, talking about her India visit, Clinton said she is looking forward to the visit and  hoped to engage India on the ‘difficult issue’ of global and regional regimes on WMD’s.

“We are delighted that our two countries will be engaging in a very broad, comprehensive dialogue. It is the most wide-ranging that I think has ever been put on the table between India and the US,” Clinton said. (ANI)

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