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US Navy culture attributed to higher binge drinking among sailors than civilians

Washington, June 10 (ANI): A new study suggests that the nature of the U.S. Navy workplace leads to higher heavy drinking for sailors than for civilians.

Published in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, the study suggests that several issues specific to the Navy contribute to problem drinking, including the youth of recruits, alternating periods of exertion and boredom, and a culture that emphasizes drinking as a mechanism for bonding, recreation, and stress relief.

The study’s authors came to this conclusion after statistically analysing survey data and carrying out an analysis of interviews and observations on bases, ships and submarines.

Methodologically, the study design drew from approaches associated with social psychology, public health, and anthropology, reflecting the disciplines of research team members.

“A second purpose of the article is methodological in scope,” the authors write.

“(We sought) to use the study findings as a springboard for discussing the challenges and opportunities in carrying out collaborative mixed method research among this population,” they add.

Mixed methods is a fairly new research method where the investigator collects data and draws inferences using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. (ANI)

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