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UN says more than 670,000 people left Swat, Malakand due to fighting

Swat, May 13 (ANI): The number of people who have fled fighting in northwest Pakistan and registered with authorities in the last 11 days has jumped to more than 670,000, the UN refugee agency has said on Wednesday.

“The new figure of registered people since May 2 for the new influx is 670,906. That breaks down to, 79,842 in the camps and 591,064 out of camps,” UNHCR spokeswoman Ariane Rummery told reporters.

Those who were not sheltering in camps may be renting homes, staying with friends or relatives, or camping out elsewhere, Rummery said.

The total number of those displaced by the latest fighting between the military and the Taliban was likely to be higher.

“We recognise this is not every single person who has fled. Some people may still be waiting to register or not want to,” The News quoted Rummery, as saying. (ANI)

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