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UK court ruling leaves Labour’s anti-terrorist control orders in disarray

London, June 11 (ANI): Britain’s nine Law Lords have passed a ruling that has left the ruling Labour Party’s anti-terrorist control orders in disarray.
The Law Lords blasted the use of “secret” evidence to slap tough restrictions on terror suspects, and said three suspects can appeal against their control orders because they do not know what evidence is being used against them.

According to The Sun, the intervention by Britain’s highest court could see restrictions on 20 suspected fanatics scrapped.

It is a shattering blow to the Government’s strategy of imposing house arrest, strict curfews and electronic tags on terror suspects.

New Home Secretary Alan Johnson must decide whether to lift existing control orders – or reveal the secret intelligence reports on suspects.

He said: “Protecting the public is my top priority. This judgment makes that task harder.”  (ANI)

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