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Twenty-nine militants killed in Swat

Islamabad, May 26 (ANI): Pakistan’s military operation in the Swat Valley is in full swing, which resulted in killing of 29 militants in last 24 hours.

The Taliban is trying to flee the areas and the operation in Swat valley is making headway successfully, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari, said.

He said at least 29 militants have been killed in the last 24 hours, and added that intense fighting is in progress in Kabal and Qambar areas of Swat.

The forces got control of at least three villages in the vicinity of Kabal, Sumsam Ali Bukhari said.

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said that at least six troops were martyred in the operation and 11 others wounded, adding the Mingora streets are witnessing close fighting at the moment; however, more than half of the city is under forces’ control.

“The claim regarding no resistance from Taliban is baseless,” The News quoted him, as saying.

On this occasion, Bukhari said the nation would soon hear the good news regarding the elimination of Taliban as their morale is quite low as compared to the high-spirited forces.

The state minister said the armed forces of Pakistan are gaining success with the support of the whole nation.

The government will undertake every action possible for the internally displaced persons, adding the government may curtail its development budget if it realizes the same necessary to help IDPs.

He maintained that arrested miscreants would soon be brought to the nation and requested the people to help recognize the disguised terrorists moving to other areas. (ANI)

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