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Top Taliban commanders wiped out in Swat: Malik

Islamabad, July, 7 (ANI):  Pakistan Prime Minister’s advisor on Interior Affairs, Rehman Malik has said that the major Taliban leadership has been wiped out from Swat.

Talking to media persons here, Malik claimed that the military offensive being carried out in the North West Frontier Province’s (NWFP) Swat and Malakand Divisions have been successful with top commanders of the Taliban killed.

“The gallant Pakistan army carried out successful military offensive in Swat killing the major Taliban leadership and the remaining Taliban will be wiped out soon,” The Daily Times quoted Malik, as saying.

When asked about madrassas and other religious outfits supporting the extremists, Malik admitted that there are some religious elements which are helping the Taliban in the region.

“Some religious elements are backing Taliban but no madaris or mosque is involved in doing so,” said Malik.

He also expressed concerns over the intelligence reports about a possible Taliban attack in South Punjab. (ANI)

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