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Top Taliban commander Fazlullah killed in Swat shelling ?

Rawalpindi, July 2 (ANI): Top Taliban commander Mullah Fazlullah may have been killed in heavy shelling by the security forces, sources have said.

Although the report could not be confirmed, sources in the security forces said that the troops had intercepted a phone call of Fazlullah.

The call indicated that Fazlullah is hiding in Swat.

Acting on information obtained from the phone call, the troops targeted Fazlullah’s satellite and communication system, and supposedly killed several Taliban commanders, The News reports.

Sources said, the phone call tapped by the security forces revealed that Fazlullah has been injured, and surrounded by the Army.

Fazlullah also confirmed that several of his close aides have been killed in the military operation.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Advisor on Interior Affairs Rehman Malik had also claimed that Fazlullah has been injured.

“It has been confirmed that he has been hit and seriously injured,” Malik told BBC.

Malik also said the Taliban should be referred as “Zaliman” due to their suppressing activities.

“The militants sitting in South Waziristan and planning terrorist activities, I won’t call them Taliban, I would call them Zaliman (oppressors),” he said. (ANI)

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