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The ‘indestructable’ Brit sergeant that the Taliban just can’t blow up

London, Apr 23 (ANI): British Sergeant Alan Dennis, who has been dubbed “indestructable Den”, is the man the Taliban just can’t kill, and he is proud to point this out after being blown up for a second time.

Two years ago, this career soldier (35) escaped from the wreckage of his Land Rover following a roadside bomb attack that killed a comrade sitting alongside.

Now, he’s cheated death again in Afghanistan following a rocket-propelled grenade attack that buried him under rubble, the Daily Express reported.

Last night as he recovered at the Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, the father of two from Melbourne, Derbys, played down his heroics, but admitted he was a lucky guy.

Dennis spent months recovering before his regiment, The Mercians, returned to Helmand last month.

This time he came under heavy fire from Taliban armed with RPGs, but his good luck did not desert him.

The grenade exploded in front of him and sent him flying but he leaped up with a broken arm and ran for cover under a hail of bullets. He grabbed his rifle and returned fire until his men were safe.

Speaking from hospital, he said: “I remember hearing the bang of the RPG, as it landed about five feet in front of me, and being thrown back by the blast.”

Nine men died during the unit’s last deployment when he survived the road blast. (ANI)

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