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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

When I think of a cruiser bike, instantly the image of a Harley Davidson comes to my mind. On a hot summer day, I take immense pleasure as I grab a bottle of Coca Cola in my hand. Shopping is no longer just a medium of selecting articles and buying them, I prefer going to the malls and “experiencing” the delights of variety, convenience and what not. I follow up the news and hit the cinema halls immediately as the new Hollywood movie is in town. There’s a slight American twang in my English which is completely acceptable and even easily understood. The beautiful golden arch of Mc Donald’s entices me to devour the creamy burgers and crisp fries. I like to advocate the lifestyle of the Americans.

Whoa! From palate to mind, lifestyle, language- everything; the American way has been embraced by the Indians gradually yet strongly. Back in the 1990’s, when the movers and shakers in the Indian politics decided to open the gates of Indian economy to the deep-pocket multinationals, the path for the foreign investment(direct and indirect) had been paved. But even these demi-gods couldn’t have fully grasped the power of the revolution that was about to happen. With the coming of the MNC’s to India, started the opening of the Indian minds to the power of the giant brands.

With the visit of President Obama, suddenly the discussions on the synergy of Indo-American relationship have been started. While the Indians have given them great Thinkgurus and a pool of technocrats ranging from managers, engineers to back end analysts and call centre executives; the American influence on India is also apparent.

The mall culture spread like a virus from the metros and now even to the tier-two and three cities are fully into it. With the growth of retail giants like Big Bazaar, this culture is replacing the typical Kirana stores in India. People like to have a wide variety of articles, offered in aesthetically pleasing packages and available at a good bargain (which is possible due to the economies of scale or in layman’s terms the game of the high volumes).

Even the American principle of independence and self-sufficiency are now popular among the Indian youth who show a rigor in their approach and don’t want to depend on their parents/spouse for their needs. At workplace, practices like shaking hands, addressing the superiors by their first names is commonly accepted even in the Indian corporate. Women want to be an earning member and take their responsibilities on the job very seriously.

Due to the fast paced life these days, there’s an obvious switch to fast food. With the advent of cheap internet service providers, suddenly the idea of staying connected has taken an all new meaning. The information and communication provided by the internet made it reach the hearts of the Indian consumers. Even in business, concepts like Electronic Data Interchange became popular and a lot of time and efforts were saved. People doted on the music channels like MTV and even American sitcoms attained a loyal audience.

We have had our issues and riff-raff’s with this superpower from time to time; currently the issue being America giving aids (both financial and military) to Pakistan which our ‘friendly’ neighbour has in turn directed on us.  However India should understand that the relationship it shares with USA and the position it has globally far outweighs the other insignificant issues. The Americans have been the upholders of values like equality and innovation and undoubtedly, will continue to influence us in the near future.

About Anupriya Singh

I am a second year student of Management from Mumbai. I believe writing, like any other form of art, is a way of expressing oneself and reaching out to others; I aspire to do the same. I like meeting new people, observing them and knowing about their hopes and aspirations. I love pencil-sketching. Listening to music is my idea of an antidote to stress. I believe what life teaches us, is invaluable and every little occurring shapes us to who we are.

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