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The African Union

African Union

African Union

The African Union is an international organization consisting of 53 African States. The only African state not in the AU is Morocco. The AU was formed as a successor to the Organization of African Union (OAU).  The goal of the AU is to create an international organization similar to the European Union. It is to have a pan-African parliament, a court of justice, a central bank and a shared currency.

Africa’s biggest problem is that its countries are remnants of colonial empires. Borders were drawn between states randomly, creating ethnic tension and geographic dissonance. With African Union, Situation is expected to be much better when Africa’s borders will disappear.

In its thirty-nine year history, the OAU was a sheer failure. It failed to challenge any major dictator on the continent and stood idle while civil war, ethnic conflict, poverty and disease ravaged ordinary Africans.

The objectives of the AU are different than that of the OAU. It is modelled on the European Union, a successful blueprint for building regional institutions and alliances. However, in Europe, there is some concern that the EU will not hold. European Union it was established in a time of peace. In Africa, war rages in most parts of the continent.

Its current chairman, South African President Thabo Mbeki, is focused on simple goals: good governance, economic growth and free trade. The common electoral standards already agreed call for independent observers before and after any national election. And the peace and Security Council will have the authority to send troops to stop crimes against humanity or war crimes.

The AU initiative was spawned by Qaddafi but, today, it enjoys widespread support amongst all African states and especially amongst South Africa, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria and Algeria. Hopefully in years to come, African Union will be successful is creating positive prominent changes in Africa.

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