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Taliban launches operation ‘foladi jal’ to blunt US’ ‘khanjar’ in Afghanistan

London, July 7 (ANI): The US marines along with Afghan troops have not received much resistance from the Taliban since the allied force launched a massive operation named Khanjar, or ‘sword strike’ against the insurgents in the  southern Helmand river valley of Afghanistan, but now the Taliban has vowed to teach the security forces a lesson.

The operation, which was launched five days ago, hardly saw the Taliban resisting the 5000 men strong allied force, and US Commanders hoped that the massive push will force the extremists to enter talks with the government, but the Taliban has some other plans.

A Taliban spokesperson, Yousef Ahmadi vowed to counter the surge with its own operation deliberately named ‘foladi jal’.

“Their Khanjar will get stuck in our Foladi Jal. In this operation we’ll teach them a lesson so they will never again dare to come into our areas,” The Telegraph quoted Ahmadi, as saying.

The Taliban would not take on the US marines head on, but would rather confront them in a guerilla war fare, Ahmadi said.

“We will not engage them in front battles. We would rather hit them by mines and guerrilla attacks,” he warned.

Coalition commanders have already prepared themselves for guerilla attacks, as they had expected the insurgents to withdraw in the face of the initial assault operation and then re-organize using guerilla tactics.

This is probably the first time that the Taliban has been challenged so far in its heartland, and the sudden US rapid blitz involving the biggest American marine helicopter assault since Vietnam, has the extremists resorting to such tactics instead of directly countering the allied forces, which they have been doing all these years. (ANI)

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