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Taliban forcibly recruiting young men to fight against army in Swat

Lahore, May 20 (ANI): The Taliban is forcibly recruiting young men and training them to fight against the army.

A young Taliban operative arrested by security personnel from the Mata tehsil region of the Swat Valley has disclosed that the outlawed unit is recruiting teenagers in large numbers to fight against the military in the ongoing operation in the Valley.

The Taliban is threatening young people of the region to either join the insurgents to fight or else face dire consequences.

“They said you will have to fight against the army and threatened to kill me if I did not join them and got training,” The Daily Times quoted the arrested man, as saying.

The man arrested by the army claimed that he was a student of a seminary from where the Taliban forcibly took him and asked him to join them for fighting against the military.

He said that over 150 recruits were being trained in the camp from where he was arrested, and was later destroyed by the security forces. (ANI)

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