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Taliban beheads 18 of their own operatives

Rawalpindi, July 1 (ANI): The Taliban has slaughtered 18 of their own injured men in the Biha valley, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has claimed.

According to a daily update of the ISPR, the Taliban killed the injured associates as they were unable to move while the Army continued to advance further in their stronghold.

The ISPR also claimed that 18 other insurgents were killed in Swat and Dir and 23 nabbed alive by the security forces from the region.

Three security personnel were also killed in the operation,The Daily Times reports.

Meanwhile, in Dir, tribal lashkar continued their own offensive against the extremists, and has reportedly destroyed 15 Taliban hideouts in the area. Two extremists were killed and 20 others were arrested by the lashkar.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter jets also continued pounding Taliban hideouts, as two jet fighters bombed suspected extremist camps in Takala village in Mizer Madakhel area of Datta Khel tehsil in North Waziristan. (ANI)

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