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Taliban agrees to pull out from some parts of Lower Dir in NWFP

Islamabad, May 22 (ANI): The Taliban has agreed to move out of the Asbanr and Gulabad areas of the Lower Dir region of  the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) within the next two days.

Sources said the Taliban has assured a local jirga in Adenzai tehsil of Lower Dir district that they would pull out of the region soon.

Sultanat Yar of Jamaat-i-Islami, Khurshid Ali of Pakistan People’s Party and tribal leaders Umar Bacha and Shamsul Qamar attended the jirga, the Dawn reports.

The Taliban has agreed to leave the region without any condition, after the jirga urged them to pull back, as hundreds of people were rendered homeless and scores of innocent civilians were killed because of their activities in the region.

“They did not set any condition for pulling out,” a member of the jirga said.

The jirga also urged the government to stop the military offensive and ask the troops to pull out of the region as soon as possible. (ANI)

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