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Soon, we’ll know why lovers fight!

Melbourne, June 8 (ANI): Australian researchers are launching a major study on an age-old problem-why lovers fight.

Richard Ronay and other University of Queensland researchers are set to put lovers’ tiffs and their reactions, such as door slamming, fiery verbal exchanges or the cold shoulder, under the scanner.

The research would examine the conflict styles of couples who have been in a relationship for more than a year.

Considering the astonishing rate of one in three marriages landing in divorce in Australia, a decision on carrying out this study has been taken.

A Can’t Buy Me Love online survey accords money (31 per cent) as the top reason why lovers often argue, followed by household chores (28 per cent).

Problematic in-laws (25 per cent) came in third during the survey, while children (22 per cent) and sex (18 per cent) wrapped up the top five issues.

Ronay hopes that the new study would help offer better advise to distressed couples.

“We are interested in this capacity for self-control and what it contributes to effective conflict management,” the Courier Mail quoted him as saying.

The study has been planned to begin next month. (ANI)

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