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Six in 10 Pakistanis think their political parties are ‘highly corrupt’

Islamabad, June 6 (ANI): Six in 10 Pakistanis believe that their political parties are highly or very highly corrupt.

According to a new survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, political parties (60 percent) were public’s perception of corruption, followed by parliament (57 percent) and private/business sector (41 percent).

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked to evaluate the level of corruption in a number of public and private organizations.

Only 11 percent said there was little or no corruption in political parties, while 18 percent thought there was some corruption, The Nation reports.

Shockingly, the Pakistan Parliament was also seen as highly corrupt by 57 percent of the respondents. Only 14 percent said there was little or no corruption, while 21 percent claimed that there was some corruption in the parliament.

The research found that non-governmental organizations and the media enjoyed a mixed reputation among the public.

32 percent Pakistanis perceived their media to be mostly corruption free, while 25 percent believe it had some corruption, but again a third of the respondents (33 percent) considered it to be highly corrupted.

The survey found that religious organizations were perceived to have little or no corruption by 58 percent population, followed by the Pakistan Army (41 percent).

Amongst all sectors, religious groups were ranked to be the least corrupt as 58 percent of the respondents claimed these groups have little or no corruption, while only 15 percent said religious groups had a high or a very high rate of corruption.

Interestingly, the Pakistan Army was believed to be corruption free by the majority (41 percent) of the respondents. A third (32 percent) thought there was high or very high levels of corruption, while 19 percent said it had some corruption. (ANI)

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