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Silvio Berlusconi appoints former topless model as First Lady stand-in

London, Jul 4 (ANI): Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has been going through a divorce, has decided to solve the problem of not having a First Lady to play host to other leaders’ spouses by appointing a former topless model to play the part.

Former calendar girl Mara Carfagna, who is now Italy’s Equal Opportunities Minister, will be looking after the wives of the world’s top leaders at the G8 summit next week, reports the Scotsman.

The idea of Carfagna playing hostess was conceived by Berlusconi, 72, himself.

Carfagna will be joined by another female Italian cabinet colleague, Education Minister Maria Stella Gelmini.

Carfagna is the youngest member of the Italian cabinet, and she entered politics in 2006 after a career in TV.

Many were surprised at her appointment, given her inexperience – and the fact that before joining the cabinet she had posed topless and semi-naked.

The world leaders will gather in the earthquake-hit central Italian city of L’Aquila on July 8 to discuss the economy, climate change, development, and food security. (ANI)

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