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Shilpa Shetty seals her lips

The sultry yogini, Shilpa Shetty has found a new way to de-stress herself. The babe is observing a mauna vrat (vow of silence) as part of a wellness course that she is pursuing in Oneness University on the outskirts of Chennai and says it helped her to connect with herself.

“I’ve taken out some ‘me’ time. I have been so busy with people, things and attaining my goals that I had forgotten about myself. This place has helped me get in touch with myself. You must be intrigued how, well right now am doing a mauna, that is, where I am not allowed to talk to anyone, so practicing that, it’s difficult but enjoying it,” Shilpa posted on

“Not allowed to take any calls… could only check my emails,” she added.

The fitness and spirituality freak actress says that she completely trusts her gurus, Amma and Bhagvan. She exclaims, “I follow their advice blindly, and it’s made a huge difference in my life, work and relationships.”

“This silence is so rare to find in our fast paced lives. It just comforts. There are no luxuries and that makes you value everything that you have. It’s also a cleansing process, which I feel we all need from time to time. The beauty is that the process is a spiritual journey without preaching,” she concludes.

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