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Sharif pushes for Musharraf’s trial for years of ‘misdeeds’

London, July 4 (ANI): The bitter feud between former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former President General Pervez Musharraf continues abated, with Sharif now calling for a trial of the former military General.

Talking to media persons here, Sharif regretted that Musharraf has not been tried even after years of misdeeds.

Referring to the United Nations (UN) inquiry into Benazir Bhutto’s assassination case, Sharif said the UN team should also interrogate Musharraf, because he is the prime suspect in the case.

Sharif, who is living close to Musharraf’s mansion here, said the former Army General must be asked to come to Pakistan to cooperate with the UN inquiry team.

He held the autocratic ruler responsible for the current turbulent situation of Pakistan, and blamed him for pushing the country into pandemonium.

“If Pakistan was not de-tracked again and again by military adventures, we would today not be staring in the face of total gloom. I absolutely have no doubt that all the problems that we face today, including extremism and militancy, would not have raised their head were it not for the military coups,” The News quoted Sharif, as saying.

Sharif lamented that the incumbent PPP-led government in Pakistan was still continuing Musharraf’s legacy and challenging the writ of the constitution.

“Pakistan has been pushed to the brink by military dictators, who never respected the supremacy of the Constitution and trampled over it whenever they desired, without taking into account the possible implications for the progress of the nation,” he added.

Commenting on India’s refusal to resume the stalled peace talks until Pakistan takes substantial action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage, Sharif accused India of being ‘stubborn’.

“India should understand that the Pakistani civilian and military establishments were not behind the attacks in Mumbai. The problem of terrorism is a global and regional issue and India should cooperate with Pakistan to root out this menace,” he said.

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