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Ranting UK hate preacher to target teens at `jihad’ summer school

London, May 7 (ANI): Ranting Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary is planning to peddle his hate to teenagers at a “jihad” summer school.

According to the Daily Star, this vile extremist has appointed himself principal lecturer of a 20-week course in his twisted version of Islam, and there are fears that Choudary and his followers will indoctrinate a new generation of Muslim fanatics.

The minimum age advertised is 15, but his School of Shari’ah has promised to consider even younger students.

They will learn about the Islamic “struggle” and how to enter the “Gardens of Paradise”.

Tory MP Philip Davies, 37, said: “This is appalling. We know what this character is like and the kinds of things he will be saying. We need summer schools to encourage people to integrate into British society. The last thing we need is individuals like this spreading their poison and indoctrinating more people into their cause.”

Choudary, 41, has joined fellow fanatics to set up the School of Shari’ah, based in east London.  (ANI)

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