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Rakhi Ka Swaymvar – Rakhi Sawant to get married or not

Several queries related to Rakhi Sawat’s swaymvar strike people’s mind. They want to know whether she will marry tomorrow; to whom she will marry and who will be lucky fellow to win Rakhi’s heart. What is the climax of this Swaymvar?

Her horoscope has answers to all these questions. It says that she will not enter marital life as of now. According to her horoscope, she will earn name and fame before entering marital life. It says that Rakhi will select soulmate through swayamvar but a little late.

There are three boys, including Manas Katyal, Elesh Parujanwala and Kshitiz Jain, who are looking forward to tie nuptial knot with Rakhi. Delhi resident Manas tops the lists of the prospective grooms of Rakhi.

Manas, whose birthday falls on August 12, 1986, is six-year younger to Rakhi. Their horoscopes don’t match. Khitiz Jain, who holds second rank in the prospective grooms’ list, is two-year younger to Rakhi. Their horoscopes say that they will meet but their marriage is not possible.

Elesh Parujanwala, who is on third position in the list, is ruling her heart. Parujanwala’s date of birth in March 30, 1979. He is one year elder to Rakhi. Their stars say that in spite of being in good terms with each other, they can’t go together.

None of the prospective candidates’ horoscopes matches with that of Rakhi. It means that Rakhi wouldn’t enter marital life in near future.

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