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Queen organizes Bollywood dance at Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom has invited Bollywood dancers for a first-ever such performance at Buckingham Palace in London, according to reports.

Fifteen minute long performance with three male and five female dancers will be held in the lavish Ballroom, where German composer-organist-conductor-pianist Felix Mendelssohn performed organ recitals for Queen Victoria. It will include seven costume changes and a romantic boy-meets-girl storyline. 

The performance has been termed as “sexy and hot”. It will be held in the shadow of red-gold canopy once used in 1911 for Delhi Durbar. It will include a sequence from 1955 Filmfare Award winner “Shree 420” starring Raj Kapoor. Two Indian chefs will work with palace chefs to prepare canapés for guests.

Queen had already seen the Bollywood dancing during a visit to Bradford in the past. Besides Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, other members of royal family expected to be present include Duke and Duchess of Wessex and Prince Michael of Kent.

Seeing Queen’s interest in India’s culture, Rajan Zed, acclaimed Hindu statesman, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, urged her to visit a Hindu temple. Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that traditionally Lord Shiva invented dance who first danced the cosmic tandava. Sage Bharata first codified rules of classic Indian dance in Natya-sastra treatise.

Bollywood dancing is a high energy vibrant dance performed to the Bollywood tracks and is fusion of traditional Indian dances, folk dances (including Bhangra), and western influences; popularized by Bollywood movies which usually feature about seven song-dance sequences, mostly involving two people falling in love. Bollywood dance craze is spreading across USA, Canada and Europe. It is a free dance, an expression of joy, Rajan Zed adds.

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