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Priyanka Chopra hits out at Kareena Kapoor

The controversy surrounding Kareena’s diatribe against the Kaminey team, blaming them for using Saif and her names for publicity, is getting murkier by the day.

Ask the sultry Priyanka Chopra, film’s leading leady, “Does Kaminey need Kareena Kapoor for its promotion?” and she doesn’t stop at a vehement no.

Recently at a public appearance in Mumbai, the sassy actress took upon herself to settle accounts with Saifeena.

Priyanka Chopra defended the Kaminey team saying “The kind of team Kaminey has, do you think we need anyone else’s help? I think Kaminey doesn’t need anyone besides it’s team. You watch the film and only then you realize how good it is. It’s made under the UTV banner, which is a well-reputed and successful production house. The film has been directed by Vishal Bhardwaj who is one of the most fantastic film makers in Bollywood currently.”

To prove her point she continued further, “Shahid is playing a double role in Kaminey while I am playing the character of a Marathi girl. So with this kind of team, I don’t think we need anyone at all.”

Priyanka’s statement was simply a polite way of telling Kareena that either she should substantiate her allegations or keep her mouth shut.

Earlier, Saif and Kareena had very strongly expressed their displeasure at being talked about in connection to the film since Shahid’s role was previously offered to Saif. Going a step further, an infuriated Kareena had told a tabloid in Mumbai that she thought Saif and her name was being misused to garner publicity for the film. She had said, “Why am I being dragged into all this? I don’t like my name to come up in connection with other people’s lives. I’ve moved on and I wish Shahid Kapur would also do so.”

Well for those of you who were thinking that Shahid Kapoor could finally move on with Priyanka Chopra after the numerous rumours about their link up, well here’s the catch.

Priyanka was completely non-committal over the issue of her affair with Shahid. The actress asserted “I haven’t found my true love. Love is something that is very private for me. I don’t want to discuss and talk about it.”

She continued, “Being a Cancerian, love is an important thing to me. I believe that people who get true love, they are really fortunate people. One should get love even if it’s for some time only. ”

Now one wonders whether Shahid is her ‘true love’ even if it’s for just ‘some time only’!

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