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Politeness makes dieters break low-fat regimes while with friends, family

London, May 19 (ANI): Dieters often fail to stick to low-fat regimes due to politeness while they are out at some restaurant or social gathering with their friends or families, according to a study.

Published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, the study was part of research into the issues facing people looking to lose weight by following very low fat diets.
For the study, dietitian Dr. Louisa Whitfield-Brown and her colleagues invited patients attending the Lipid Clinic at the Manchester Royal Infirmary to share their progress on the very low fat diets.

The researchers observed that though all the patients thought it to be important to follow the diet, most of them reported finding it difficult to do so.

Consequently, according to them, the subjects failed to reach their target weights.

Dr. Whitfield-Brown found that the subjects would often find it difficult to avoid fatty food during special occasions like weddings or holidays.

She also said that “poor and confusing” food labelling, a lack of options and the apparent tastelessness of low fat foods were the biggest concerns for those on the regimes.

“The results highlighted the difficulties faced when trying to achieve a low fat diet with many patients finding it difficult to access information on the fat content of foods, especially when eating out or when on holiday,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

Dr. Whitfield-Brown and her colleagues also highlighted some benefits of following a low fat diet. They said that such diets could help people develop awareness and confidence about appropriate food choices, feel better, and improve blood fat measurements. (ANI)

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