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Paul Burrell still exploiting Diana’s name for gain

London, June 8 (ANI): Former royal butler Paul Burrell is again trying to cash in on Princess Diana’s name, as he has sent a creepy message to his American fans.
Florida-based Burrell has already faced widespread hostility in Britain for cynically exploiting his past association with the late Princess of Wales.

And he has now posted his first statement of the year on his website, in which he paid tribute to the American public, and once again plugged his commercial activities using Diana’s name.

“Thank you – they are two small words which mean so much and people don’t say them often enough these days, the Princess would often say,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying on the site.

He added: “I have always been greatly encouraged by letters and e-mails. Thank you for your continuous words of support and for sharing with me your thoughts and special memories.”

The 50-year-old Butler had been into hiding after being humiliated by a Channel 4 documentary earlier this year, featuring his former lover Greg Pead.

In the programme, it was alleged that Burrell was briefly suspended as a footman in the early Eighties after being implicated in a gay porn ring on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Since long, speculation has been rife about the state of his relationship with wife Maria-the mother of his sons Nicholas and Alexander.

Although he personally made millions out of his past association with the Princess, Burrell has insisted that he can empathise with Americans.

He said: “This rollercoaster life of emotions isn’t easy, especially in these hard economic times. I am only too aware of that as I travel through America and visit people from many states.” (ANI)

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