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‘Papi’ or Daddy was starlets and showgirls’ codename for Silvio Berlusconi

London, June 3 (ANI): Controversies involving Silvio Berlusconi refuse to die out, with the latest revelation being that celebrities and showgirls who were regular guests at the Italian Prime Minister’s Sardinian villa called him Papi, or Daddy, as a codename in case their telephones were being tapped, it has emerged.

The revelation was based on the first accounts from guests at the infamous New Year party.

As Berlusconi’s supporters continue to fight back over his controversial relationship with the aspiring teen model Noemi Letizia, more details emerged of photographs taken of parties at Villa Certosa over several months, reports The Times.

Last weekend, Berlusconi’s request to remove 700 photographs taken of scantily-clad women at his New Year’s Eve parties was successfully granted.

The pics were seized by the country’s privacy commission.

They were taken by photographer Antonio Zappadu and had been offered to Italian magazines as well as international media, including British publications, for 1.5 million euros. The pictures showed guests at the party including Letizia.

According to the Italian press, some of the pictures of the parties show topless women embracing under a shower beside a swimming pool. (ANI)

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