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Pak women become cautious after a legislator steals credit cards to buy jewellery

Lahore, July 14 (ANI): Women from all strata of Pakistani society have become cautious after a woman legislator belonging to PML-N Shumaila Rana allegedly stole credit cards and bought jewellery and clothes worth Rs 80,000 with it.

Police sources said the three PPC sections 420, 468 and 471 were added to the case of MPA Shumaila Rana for committing fraud and cheating the complainant woman.

Earlier, the case was registered against the accused MPA only under section 379 of PPC. The police investigators found fake signatures of the MPA on the receipt she received from a jewellery shop after purchasing jewellery on the stolen credit cards, the sources said.

Women visiting different health clubs, beauty parlours and gyms have demanded provision of separate lockers for the safety of their stuff, the Daily Times reported.

Zaib, a swimming pool and gym in-charge at a local club in Gulberg told Aaj Kal that Shumaila had committed a shameful act.

She accused the media of blowing the incident out of proportion and hence casting a bad impression on the viewers abroad.

Zaib said after the incident, women coming to the health club had become suspicious of fellow visitors.

She said most of the women coming to such clubs were well off and carried jewellery, cash and ATM cards in their bags.

Previously, the members would put away their stuff without any fear, but now they had become very cautious and demanded separate lockers, Zaib said.

“We will have to fulfil this genuine demand of our members in a next couple of days,” she added. (ANI)

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