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Pak, Iran sign ‘peace pipeline’ pact, they say India can join if it wants

Tehran (Iran), May 25 (ANI): Pakistan and Iran signed an inter-governmental framework declaration to support the gas deal signed by the oil ministries of the respective countries.

President Asif Ali Zardari and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed the declaration on Sunday

Earlier, the Gas Sale Purchase Agreement was signed by the managing directors of the National Iranian Oil Company and Pakistan’s Inter-state Gas System for the export of Iranian natural gas to Pakistan at the border of Iran-Pakistan for domestic consumption in Pakistan, the Daily Times reports.

The deal known as a ‘peace pipeline’ was signed on the sidelines of the current tripartite summit of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran on elimination of terrorism, drugs and human trafficking – also on Sunday.

Some 1,100 of the 2, 100 kilometre pipeline would be laid in Iran’s territory and 1,000 kilometres in Pakistan.

Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said Iran would supply 23 million cubic metre gas per day for 25 years under the agreement, adding the agreement could be extended for an additional five years.

He said it was an agreement between Pakistan and Iran. The agreement had provisions to include India if it wanted to join the project, he added.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Asim Hussain said Pakistan and Iran would sign the formal agreement for the multi-billion dollar project in a third country within the next 15 days.

Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan agreed to establish a mechanism for holding regular and periodical trilateral consultations on special issues, according to a joint communiqué released at the conclusion of the one-day trilateral summit.

The three countries reaffirmed their deep commitment to make every effort to eliminate extremism, militancy and terrorism from the region.

The three countries will also collaborate closely in establishing and developing energy corridors in the region, including oil and gas pipelines and electricity networks.

Trilateral economic, industrial, planning commission and chambers of commerce will also be established.

The three sides emphasised further effective measures for implementation of bilateral, trilateral and multilateral agreements on trade and transit of goods between and through their countries. (ANI)

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