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Pak has to eliminate Jihadis exporting terror to India for lasting peace: Editorial

Islamabad, July 13 (ANI): A massive ‘trust deficit’ would escort the proposed talks between Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani on the sidelines of the XVth NAM summit later this week. To establish an appropriate environment for the talks, Islamabad must get rid of this ‘trust deficit’ if it sincerely wants to address the pending issues with its eastern neighbor, a Dawn editorial said.

Islamabad also needs to demonstrate that its decision to take on militants is not limited to ‘jihadists’ operating within the country or on the western front, the editorial said.

Pakistan must prove that its claims of coming down hard on the militants breeding on its soil were not hogwash.

It should also ensure that whoever tries to destabilize India must also be neutralized, it went on to add.

The editorial also highlighted that the release of the Jamaat-ud-Daawa chief Hafiz Saeed, and one of its top leader, Colonel (retired) Nazir Ahmed, both of whom are prime accused of masterminding the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, has served a further blow to the already estranged relationship between both countries.

However, the editorial also blamed New Delhi of exploiting global sympathy to drive Pakistan to the brink of international isolation.

It urged leaderships of both the nations to shun the blame game between them and join hands against the ever expanding threat of terrorism in the region.

“Sincere cooperation in the battle against militancy and dialogue on outstanding issues can point us to a new and healthier direction,” the editorial concluded. (ANI)

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