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Pak defence budget gets a 15.5 percent boost

Islamabad, June 1 (ANI): Pakistan Government has decided to increase the defence budget by 15.5 percent for the upcoming financial year to 342 billion rupees.

According to sources, the operational expenses of the Pakistani Army has increased manifold due to the ongoing war against the Taliban.

“We are well aware of economic woes of the government but presently survival of Pakistan is dearer than our life and success of the ongoing operation is a must. Therefore, operational expenses would have to be increased in this perspective”, The Nation quoted an armed force source, as saying.

With a raise of 15.5 percent, the salaries and pensions of armed forces personnel is likely to be increased by 20 percent, a finance ministry source said.

In year 2008-09, the defence budget was 296 billion rupees as against a previous allocation of 275 billion rupees in 2007-08.

Under the scheduled allocation, the overall defence expenses will be increased amounting to 46 billion rupees in terms of budget volume.

The budgetary allocations for civil work and defence management are also likely to be increased.

The shifting of General headquarters will remain deferred during the current financial year, as last year the decision was taken voluntarily by the army chief due to the country’s grim economic situation. (ANI)

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