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Pak authorities ‘least interested’ in conserving historic buildings

Rawalpindi, July 6 (ANI): Pakistani authorities are least interested in conserving historical buildings, which are in a terrible, shameful and dilapidated condition here.

The ‘Old City’ has numerous architectural masterpieces, but encroachers have been using these historic buildings for residential and business purposes and those left, are in a very bad condition.

Some of the families, who have been living in these historic temples, havelies and monuments for over 50 years, have never permitted inspection of these sites.

“We have inherited this haveli from our grandfather who lived here since 1930’s. This land does not belong to any other authority but to the Wakf Board, to whom we paid, and we are currently fighting an ownership case with them in high court,” said an agitated Zameer Shah, whose family lived in the part of a large unnamed havelis.

Ancient buildings include Jain Mandir, Jain Temple, and then in the difficult streets of Bhabra Bazaar stand majestic haveli of Rai Bahadur Sujan Singh, one of the richest and tallest buildings in the city in the pre-partition era.

Many ‘old city’ residents can claim to be living in heritage houses but through their actions they proved that they do not deserve for it as they had drilled holes into the notable structures, plastered the walls, installed wooden racks and hung dirty clothes on them, The Nation reports.

A student of archaeology, Syed Hassan Qazalbash, who had studied these historic buildings very closely said, “The inhabitants, residing in these marvelous buildings of their times, had completely turned the ancient structures into private living quarters with no regard to its heritage status.”

Hassan said, “Walls inside the Porana Gumbad, remains of a Hindu temple near Qasae Gali, an unprotected structure till date, have been painted by its dewellers with usual white colour again and again which covered the artistic work and original colour of red bricks used their, this practice needs an urgent attention of concerned quarters.” (ANI)

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