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Pak Army still struggling to gain full control over Buner

Islamabad, May 21 (ANI):  The Pakistan Army is still trying to assert its full control in the NWFP’s Buner District.

The security forces have failed to completely flush out the Taliban from the region.

According to a BBC report, fighting continues in two villages and the area is effectively a war zone. Many areas are deserted and a majority of the people have left for safer places.
Security forces have claimed that they have arrested  foreign militants in Malakand.

They arrested have been identified as Arabs, Afghans and Afghan Uzbeks.

“They have been arrested from different parts of Malakand Division and are being interrogated,” said ISPR Director-General Major General Athar Abbas.

Major General Abbas claimed that 1,057 extremists have been killed by the security since the military operation in Swat, Dir and Buner region was initiated in April. (ANI)

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