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Pak Army claims to have killed 100 more Taliban in Bannu

Lahore, June 11 (ANI): The Pakistan Army has claimed that it has killed at least 100 more Taliban during its offensive in the Jani Khel and Baka Khel areas of Frontier Region (FR) in Bannu.

According to sources, Taliban commander Sher Alam has also been killed in the operation.

Meanwhile, about 800 Taliban have reportedly sneaked into Bannu, which borders North Waziristan, The Daily Times reports.

According to the ISPR, 600 to 800 terrorists have reached Jani Khel from Miranshah and Razmak, and they are planning to strike at various places in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

Curfew has been imposed in the area. (ANI)

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