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Oz university student wins $13M from old lottery ticket

Sydney, May 28 (ANI): A West Australian university student has won more than 13million dollars from an old lottery ticket.

The woman in her 30s delved through a bundle of Lotto tickets because of her family’s money worries.

The 10-month old lottery ticket she had received as a gift from her father earned her 13,185,273 dollars.

The ticket was for a 50million dollars Oz Lotto jackpot draw on July 22, 2008.

The woman was unaware of the ticket’s 12-month expiry date.

She decided to check a bundle of lotto tickets, hoping for a small win to help out her family.

“I woke up this morning worried about our finances,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as telling Lotterywest in Perth.

“Something made me think to check the tickets and I thought that if I win something, then I could help mum and dad out,” she added.

The lottery winner initially thought that she had won just over 13,000 dollars.

However, she managed to remain calm when she was informed of the actual amount.

“I checked the commas and decimal places and then realised,” she said.

“I always remember mum telling me that if I won Lotto, not to start jumping up and down in the shopping centre,” she added. (ANI)

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