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Oz Police says attacks on Indian students not racially motivated

Melbourne, May 29 (ANI): The Australian Police has denied that a series of attacks on Indian students was racially motivated.

The majority of crimes against Indians in Melbourne are opportunistic, not racially motivated, says Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Keiran Walshe.

Deputy Commissioner Walshe said he did not believe the attacks were racially motivated, rather that offenders were focusing on “soft targets”.

“I don'[t think they are (racist crimes) in general … more opportunistic activity. We think they are vulnerable, we don’t think it’s racial, we think they are a weak target,” he added.

He said there was no indication that a sharp rise in assaults and robberies against Indian students in Melbourne’s west were a result of race hate.

Deputy Commissioner Walshe said he believed some Indian students were being attacked because they were by nature quiet and passive people, they travelled late at night, often alone and carried expensive gadgets.

The Herald Sun quoted him as saying that there was a perception that Indian people were weak prey for criminals.

Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has met with the Indian High Commissioner to discuss the issue, which has gained prominent media coverage in India.

As the attacks continue to create outrage in India, police have moved to assure the community that extra resources are being thrown at the problem through the Embona armed robbery taskforce. (ANI)

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