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Oz-Indian found guilty of killing daughter, now accused of threatening legal team

Sydney, July 2 (ANI): A man found guilty of killing his baby daughter after treating her severe excema with homeopathic remedies has been arrested for threatening his legal team.

Thomas Sam and his wife Manju are due to face a sentencing submissions hearing in the New South Wales Supreme Court today.

The court heard he had been arrested following a threat made to his legal counsel.

Sam applied for bail but was refused by Magistrate Kevin Flack and he was remanded in custody until July 9. Corrective Services were asked to transport Sam to the Supreme Court so the sentencing submissions could begin, The Australian reported.

Thomas Sam, 42, and his wife Manju Sam, 37, were convicted of manslaughter last month, after a NSW Supreme Court jury found they had failed to get proper medical attention for his nine-month-old daughter Gloria, who suffered severe eczema and was malnourished.

The police allegation before the court is that on June 30, Sam “did threaten to cause injury to Peter Karp, all lawyers and the judge involved in the trial of Thomas Sam and Manju Sam which commenced at the Supreme Court of NSW on May 4, 2009, on account of a thing lawfully done by them as a judicial officer”. (ANI)

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