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Over 3,000 Brit university pupils to attempt world record for largest Smurf gathering

London, May 28 (ANI): More than 3,000 students from Swansea University in Wales, UK, will paint themselves blue, and don white gnome hats in a bid to set a new world record for staging the largest gathering of Smurfs.

The attempt to smash the existing record of 1,253 Smurfs in one place, set in the town of Castleblayney in Northern Ireland last July, will take place on June 8 in the city’s Oceana nightclub.

Hannah Lamden, of Swansea University’s Student Union, believes that the bid will put an end to rival ‘Smurf wars’.

“It’s a Smurf war. Bath, Southampton, Chester and Portsmouth University have all tried but we’re going to make sure that no student is left un-blue,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“We want our record to stay in the Guinness Book for years to come,” she added.

Smurfs were created by Belgium cartoonist Peyo in a series of comic strips for the magazine Le Journal de Spirou.

The tiny creatures were then turned into an animated television series in the 1980s made by Hanna-Barbera. (ANI)

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