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Obamas eye sightseeing weekend in Paris

Washington, June 5 (ANI): The Obamas are set to say hello to the Eiffel Tower, for the US First Family is planning a weekend sightseeing trip to Paris.

First Lady Michelle along with her daughter Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, is poised to join President Barack Obama, who is presently treading the Mideast.

According to, the voyage would be the girls’ first international excursion since their father was voted to the Oval Office, reports US magazine.

While the President is due to jet back to Washington on June 7, his wife and girls would stay behind in the French capital for a week to experience the culture.

French newspapers reported that the First Family would be having dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant atop the iconic landmark.

Obama revealed he had bagged some of his favourite things, saying: “Let’s see, we have the food, we have Paris, we got the south of France, Provence, the wine.”

He recalled the times when he used to hop throughout France during college but lamented not being able to speak the language anymore.

He said: “I studied it in high school and I just forgot it. Michelle…I think she speaks a little French.” (ANI)

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