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Obama’s chief economic adviser sleeps during official meeting yet again

New York, May 28 (ANI): It seems that U.S. President Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser Larry Summers just can’t stay awake, for he once again fell asleep during an official meeting.

Summers has already conked out in public at two high-profile events earlier this year.

He first nodded off at an economic summit in February, and then at a meeting with credit card industry officials in the White House in April.

Obama was so embarrassed with the pictures showing him dozing that he quipped at the White House Correspondents dinner: “Larry Summers needs his sleep.”

And now, Summers gave a re-run of his previous sleeping acts during a private meeting with the President.

“Larry fell asleep last week during a private meeting with the president. Thank God, no reporters were there,” the New York Post quoted an insider as saying.

A representative for the White House declined to comment on the issue. (ANI)

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